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Lakeside Love

The Vet's Shelter Surprise

After selling her successful catering company and pouring every last penny into the purchase of the Briarwood Inn, Grace Bentley is ready to start over in the sparkling lakes of Sunset County. 


When local contractor Noah Crawford makes a case for heading up the inn’s redesign, Grace is uncertain about hiring the man who clearly has his own vision for the project. What she doesn't know is that Noah is fiercely protective of the Briarwood: he has a bittersweet history with the inn and can't bear to see it touched by anyone else. 


While their competing interests and ideas for the inn cause friction, the attraction between them builds. When a major construction issue threatens the completion of the project, can Grace put aside her pride, and open up her heart to the possibility of true love?

An unlikely volunteer…

Saving more than the shelter!

When Georgia O’Neill bursts into the Sunset County Animal Shelter, wary veterinarian Mel Carter doesn’t know what’s hit her. But soon, Georgia’s California rays of sunshine are lighting up even the darkest parts of Mel’s heart, still raw after a heart-wrenching betrayal. Still,  PR pro Georgia is set only on rehabbing her image while cleaning out her beloved aunt’s cottage. Mel’s life in rural Canada can’t possibly compete with LA glamour…can it?

From Harlequin Special Edition: Believe in love. Overcome obstacles. Find happiness.

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Wish Upon a Christmas Star

Attorney Jeannie Carmichael can’t wait to celebrate Christmas at her grandparents’ Butterfly Lake Lodge in the Canadian Rockies. The night before she leaves, Jeannie and her colleagues stop for drinks at a local pub, where she chats with the handsome, charming guitar player of the house band. He shares his number, but Jeannie’s eyes are on her colleague and the promise of an invite to his fancy New Year’s Eve party, so she stuffs the number into her purse.

Everett McCarthy is shocked when the beautiful Jeannie from the bar calls him, but it’s about a Christmas Eve gig at her grandparents’ lodge, not a date. Still, he and the band accept and head to the mountains. Over the course of an eventful party, a tussle with an errant elk, and midnight snowshoeing through the woods under the glow of the romantic Northern lights, Everett is smitten. Christmas morning pancakes, a family hockey game and an evening sharing dreams by a bonfire under the stars seals the deal. He’s in love.

But can he convince Jeannie that their Christmas kiss is just their beginning?

Release Date: October 29, 2024

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